Today, the market for flooring options is broader than it has been at any time. The existence of so many high quality floor covering materials makes it a confusing task for a homeowner to decide which one to choose to upgrade his current floor. However, among so many flooring options available today, there is one that stands out for its beauty, durability, and luxury: it is hardwood flooring.

    Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular and widely used floor covering materials. Thanks to its versatility of function and design, hardwood flooring has become the favorite flooring choice for many homeowners. The look of hardwood flooring never gets out of style, despite various changes in design and wood flooring trends. Hardwood flooring is considered to be a perfect connection between the modern world and the natural world, since the feeling of nature can be achieved in any modern environment. These natural wood floors add uniqueness and beauty to any room through the richness of their grains, the feel of their texture, and the assortment of colors that vary.....

    Tile Flooring has been popular due to their durability and exquisite beauty. Made from a mixture of natural clay, sand, and water, tile floors are perfect for areas where moisture is prevalent. Here at Carpet Market One, we offer fashionable ceramic, robust porcelain and beautiful natural stone tiles in a multitude of sizes, colors, patterns, and shapes. We also carry slip, scuff, and stain resistant tile floors, making it a perfect choice for any home.
    When picking out a tile floor, you have the freedom to choose from a variety of styles. Ceramic and porcelain tiles come in two forms: glazed and unglazed. Glazed tile is made by adding an extra layer of liquid glass in the final manufacturing step. This will add either a gloss or matte finish to the tile, resulting in stylish floors that can match the atmosphere of any room. Unglazed tile, on the other hand, remains porous and is much denser as well as thicker than glazed tile, providing more durability. Depending on the area in.....

    Vinyl flooring provides a huge advantage over wood, carpet, and tile for areas with heavy traffic. Inexpensive and highly sturdy, vinyl can be installed in difficult spaces that need extra durability at a low cost. The durability and versatility of vinyl floors are due to its many layers. The bottommost layer acts as a backing for the vinyl core and is made of felt or fiberglass. This built-in cushion underlayment makes floors warmer and softer underfoot than real tile, stone, or wood. Next is the vinyl core, usually composed of colored polyvinyl chloride chips. On top of the core is the decorative layer, which can be made to look like any type of material, ranging from wood to stone and tile. The last layer is the wear layer and can vary in thickness depending on the type of coating used to.
    Here at Carpet Market One, we offer vinyl floors that have a range of different styles. While we carry solid and luxury vinyl tiles, the most popular format for both residential.....

    Carpet Flooring can be the perfect choice for any room. At Carpet Market, we offer a variety of carpet choices for both residential and commercial properties, giving you the freedom to match your flooring with your style. Carpet also takes your comfort into consideration with its ability to absorb sound and provide insulation that guarantees your floor stays warm during winter and cool during summer. Its varying styles, colors, and textures ensure that your floors will be beautiful as well as comfortable.
    One of the most enticing qualities of carpet is its high level of versatility. Because it has the ability to be cut into different shapes, carpet is the perfect solution for irregular rooms. In addition, it eliminates the appearance of imperfections caused by subfloor irregularities, whereas hardwood and laminate flooring would make these imperfections even more apparent. Due to advances in fiber technology, carpet has become hypoallergenic as well as stain and wear resistant, making it a very economical flooring option for families with kids.....

    Laminate flooring has become an excellent alternative to hardwood, with the same appearance as natural wood at a significantly lower cost. They are made in layers, with the bottom most layer acting as a backing to enhance the board’s ability to resist moisture. The next layer consists of the inner core, which is made from a high-density fiberboard fortified with a melamine resin to further increase durability and provide premium sound absorption. Next is a photographic film layer which contains a high-resolution image, designed to mimic the appearance of solid wood. The final layer is one created specifically to protect the flooring. This clear protective layer creates a durability that can compete with real wood while also providing resistance to wear and damage.Carpet Market One provides laminate flooring that, aside from being extremely durable, also comes in many different styles, designed especially to imitate specific species of wood. In addition to recreating color and grain patterns, our laminate has a variety of textures and finishes, some of which include distressed, hand scraped, glossy and smooth-surface. In addition, we offer different.....