Hardwood Flooring in Tarzana

Hardwood Flooring in Tarzana - Beauty and Durability

Gorgeous and timeless, hardwood floors bring warmth and character to any Tarzana home or business. Hardwood not only looks stunning, it can also increase property values and resists wear over decades when properly maintained. With the right choice of wood species, grade, and finish, Tarzana homeowners can enjoy their beautiful new hardwood floors for years to come.

What is Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood flooring consists of planks or strips milled from genuine wood species like oak, maple, cherry, hickory and exotic woods. Typically available in thicknesses from 3/4" to 5/16", hardwood comes either as solid wood sourced from a single piece of lumber, or engineered wood composed of multiple layers fused together. Solid hardwood costs more but can be refinished many times. Engineered is more affordable, stable, and also holds up very well in the Tarzana climate. Beyond wood type, hardwood floors are differentiated based on grade - which indicates natural variances and imperfections - as well as finish. Site-finished floors are coated on site after installation, allowing customized finishes. Pre-finished floors feature durable coatings applied in the factory.

Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

There are many excellent reasons Tarzana homeowners love hardwood floors:
  • Beauty: Available in a sweeping spectrum of wood types, colors, grains and grades, hardwood offers timeless elegance.
  • Value: Quality hardwood may increase a Tarzana home’s resale value by 2-3%. It's a sound investment.
  • Durability: Top brands carry warranties up to 100 years. With refinishing, hardwood lasts for decades.
  • Ease of Repair: Hardwood can sustain localized damage yet be repaired, sanded and refinished without replacing the entire floor. Saving time, cost, and waste.
  • Health: Hardwood doesn’t trap allergens like carpet. Easier breathing benefits indoor air quality.
  • Sustainability: Many modern brands use eco-responsible practices for cleaner air and water.
If your Tarzana home deserves floors combining uncommon beauty, unmatched durability, and environmental sensitivity - hardwood is an ideal solution.

Types of Hardwood Flooring

Two main constructions exist for Tarzana hardwood floors:

Solid Hardwood Flooring

As the name implies, solid hardwood flooring consists of planks milled from a single solid piece of wood. This type can be repeatedly refinished over decades but is more vulnerable to climatic changes. Solid hardwood costs $5-15 per square foot installed.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood contains a top layer of solid wood (typically oak) glued to core layers of plywood in opposing directions for strength. Engineered performs better than solid hardwood in moisture and can still be refinished many times. An affordable option priced $3-10 per square foot installed.

Buying Considerations for Tarzana Hardwood Flooring

The ideal hardwood strikes the perfect balance between desired aesthetics, appropriate performance attributes, and budget. When selecting hardwood flooring for your Tarzana space, keep these aspects in mind:

Wood Type

Oak remains the most popular Tarzana choice. But maple, walnut, hickory, cherry, and exotics like Brazilian Cherry introduce mesmerizing and unique visuals. Ensure the density and hardness suit your lifestyle.


Grades indicate natural imperfections within each species of wood. Prime grades allow fewer knots and flaws while character grades display more variation. High character grades work beautifully in many Tarzana homes at pleasing price points.


Evaluate the pros and cons of solid vs. engineered hardwood in light of moisture resistance, ability to refinish, and overall longevity for your situation. Both can perform admirably.


Factory finishes save installation time while site finishes enable customization. Compare warrantied performance levels between oil and water-based options along with gloss levels. Consider resanding/refinishing requirements over time.


Traditional water-based adhesives off-gas as they cure while newer cruelty-free soy-based products minimize VOCs. Study options to identify healthiest solutions. Armed with this background, Tarzana homeowners can confidently select the perfect hardwood flooring to fulfill their functional needs and aesthetic vision while matching lifestyle and budget. And by partnering with a flooring specialist trusted throughout Southern California, ensuring proper acclimation, expert installation, warranted performance and dedicated support is a given.

Cost of Hardwood Flooring in Tarzana

In the Tarzana area, hardwood flooring costs between $5 and $15 per square foot including professional installation. Engineered hardwood ranges from $3 to $10 per square foot installed. Exact pricing depends on factors like:
  • Wood grade and quality
  • Wood species and hardness
  • Distressed vs smooth planks
  • Solid vs engineered construction
  • Finish type and color tone
  • Overall square footage
  • Removal of existing floors
  • Any subfloor repair or leveling
  • Installation on stairs or complex cuts
A typical Tarzana home of 2,500 square feet could install new hardwood floors for a total cost ranging from $7,500 for value-grade engineered flooring up to $30,000 for premium exotic solid wood with custom staining. Local flooring contractors provide accurate quotes after assessing your unique space.

Maintaining Hardwood Floors in Tarzana

With proper care, Tarzana hardwood floors can retain their exquisite looks for generations. Follow these maintenance best practices:
  • Sweep and vacuum weekly to prevent scratches and damage from abrasives
  • Use felt pads beneath furniture legs and avoid walking in spiked heels
  • Keep indoor humidity 45-55% year-round to limit plank expansion
  • Clean surfaces gently with hardwood-safe cleaners and damp mop only
  • Re-apply protective finishes 2-3 times per decade via screening and recoat
  • Have floors professionally b\\uffed and cleaned annually
Your Tarzana hardwood flooring is a major investment meriting attentive lifetime care. By partnering with Carpet Market and following the above guidance, your floors will delight all who enter your home or business for many years rather than showing premature wear. Contact us today to explore extraordinary yet durable wood flooring options perfect for any style space.

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