How to Choose the Right Carpet Floor

How to Choose the Right Carpet Floor

How to Choose the Right Carpet Floor

Though numerous carpet floor options are available, there are basically only two styles of carpet floor – loop pile and cut pile. In the loop-style pile, each of the ends is connected into the backing so there’s a continuous loop. If you actually ran a pin underneath, you would feel the loop. In the cut-style pile, the loops are actually cut so that there are individual ends sticking up through the backing. If you ran the same pin through there the pin would lift right up.

Fiber is a critical area when it comes to carpet. There are three basic fibers used today in the carpet flooring:

  • Polypropylene, such as the loop-style pile.
  • Polyester, which is made from recycled beverage containers.
  • Nylon, the most popular and durable fiber by far.

In addition, the natural fiber of choice today is wool. Wool is a traditional carpet fiber, but its high price makes it less common.

Cut pile carpet flooring can go throughout the house. It is comfortable underfoot and makes for a very attractive floor. Loop pile styles are used in heavy traffic areas. Areas where children are or where there is a lot of activity. It will perform and last for a long time.

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